Power Yoga Teacher's Training Program
Starting from 2 March, 2015

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Power Yoga Teacher's Training Program

The journey of the yoga teacher is one of self-practice and personal transformation. To become both an effective and inspiring yoga teacher, you must develop a strong relationship to your personal practice and development as a yogi and yogini. You must achieve self-mastery.

The Yogaguru's Yoga Teacher's Training Program emphasizes training the mind, establishing self-esteem, opening up to grace, the integration of breath and movement, focusing on technical and biomechanical knowledge, adapting each asana to unique individual needs, and building effective and clear themes that deepen the student's experience and understanding of a transformational personal practice.

The Yogaguru's Yoga Teacher's Training Program provides a metaphoric experience to discover more about personal power, self-esteem, personal boundaries, safety, self-acceptance, inner surrender and responsibility. Yoga and Meditation practice are used to encourage participants to reclaim their full potential; discover creativity, find passion, and experience confidence and caring about the body.

Who Should Attend This Program?

Those who want to be yoga professionals with mastery in the field are the right people to join. We will shape you in a way that you will develop self-confidence to teach with in-depth knowledge on various issues which you may face in your professional life. Course Starts: March/June/September/December. Certification: Certificate would be provided by the Holistic Healthcare Foundation Society (HHFS). HHFS is registered organization under the Govt. of India.


Yogaguru Dr Mohan Kumar - NDDY, DNY, CY, MA
(Yoga & Preksha Meditation)

Yogaguru Shailender Pal Singh - DNY, MA
(Yoga & Preksha Meditation),

Neha Vasisht - NDDY, CY. MA
(Yoga & Preksha Meditation)

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