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Home Remedies For Female Sterility

Female Sterility means infertility or in other words we can say, female suffering from female sterility has inability to produce offspring. Infertility in females refers to the incapacity to conceive and give birth to a living baby. Female sterility is a type of the following medical conditions:

  • Uterus Conditions.
  • Infertility.
  • Ovary Conditions.
  • Fallopian Tube Conditions.

Some females get sterility from a doctor themselves, in order to not have babies in future. It is done a tubal ligation, which is a surgery to "tie the tubes" (fallopian tubes) of a woman which causes permanent sterility by preventing transport of the egg (ovum) to the uterus, and by blocking the passage of sperm up the tube to the ovulating ovary where fertilization normally occurs.

Some Important Causes of Female Sterility are:

  • The depth of the vaginal cavity varies from one female to other. In every female the depth is equal to the length of her finger. Thus, female possessing a long middle finger requires a long organ and vice versa.
  • Sometimes the cause of female sterility is the presence of acidic secretions especially lactic acid in the vagina and soon as the semen is discharged all the sperms are killed as they cannot live in acid.
  • Having sexual intercourse when both the partners are not willing, may lead to female sterility.
  • The correct posture of intercourse is very essential. If the correct posture is not maintained then it may lead to female sterility. Thus, female should lie flat on the back with the man upon her with his face downwards.
  • Leucorrhoea, painful and scanty menses, amenorrhea, excessive menstrual flow are also causes for female sterility.
  • Imperforate hymen.
  • Sometimes sterility is due to failure of the ovaries to yield the ova. Conception is only possible when sperm comes in contact with the ovum of the same side.
  • It is also injurious to do a sexual intercourse when either partner (female or male) is extremely hungry or thirsty.
  • Dwindling of breast and ovaries.
  • Sexual meeting should never be arranged during female menstruation.
  • Place of sexual meeting should be free from interruption and it should be peaceful and comfortable. One should not have any fear of some ones intrusion or arrival during the act of intercourse.
  • Female infertility may be due to physical defects, physical debility, and functional faults. Sterility due to physical debility can result from poor health.
  • Other causes of sterility may be diabetes, ulceration of the uterus, fibroid tumors and enlargement of the uterus.
  • Sterility may also be caused by loss of essential glands or organs of reproduction, or a decrease in their functions.

Here are some of the Common Signs and Symptoms of Female Sterility:

  • Absence of Menstrual Periods: A person suffering from female sterility suffers from irregular or absence of menstrual periods.
  • Acute Alcohol Abuse: It is the one of the primary symptoms for infertility disorder in females.
  • Acute Anemia: If the lady is suffering from female sterility, then it may even lead to acute anemia.
  • Blood Pressure: Blood Pressure problem is also one of the main symptom in female sterility.
  • Pain or burning sensation during urination.
  • Many Psychological factors like emotional stress, tension, mental depression and anxiety may also result in psychosomatic sterility. This condition can be easily corrected by psychotherapy.
  • Urinary Hesitancy.
  • Sore Throat: Sometimes the lady may also suffer from a Sore Throat.
  • A lady suffering from this infection undergoes a painful sexual intercourse.

Some of the Common Herbal Remedies for Female Sterility may be:

Banyan Roots: The tender roots of the banyan tree are one of the valuable remedies, which have proved to be very beneficial for treating female sterility. This remedy should be repeated after the completion of the menstrual cycle every month till conception takes place.

Jambul Leaves: An infusion of the fresh tender leaves of jambul fruit is a very good remedy for the treatment of sterility or miscarriage due to an ovarian or endometrium functional disorder. The infusion may be taken with either two teaspoons of honey or 200 ml of buttermilk. This Herb prevents the implantation of a fertilized egg do so safely and relatively painlessly by making the endometrium unsuitable for the growth of the embryo. This includes:

  • Wild Carrot seed.
  • Rutin.
  • Smartweed leaves.

Some other Prevention Tips

  • Avoid Spicy Foods - Spicy Foods must be avoided by a lady suffering from female sterility. She must drink lots and lots of liquids.
  • Rest - The suffering patient should take lot of rest.
  • Riding horses or other forms of transport, particularly in which the hips come in contact with a hard seat, should be prohibited.






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