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Home Remedies For Gall Bladder Disorders

Gall bladder disorders are disorders which occur due to the malfunctioning of the gall bladder. There are various disorders that affect the gall bladder, and they usually involve gallstones, the impairment of bile flow, infections, neoplasm's, or other diseases.

Gallstones are the most common of all gallbladder problems. A gallstone is a solid crystal deposit that is formed in the gallbladder, which is a pear-shaped organ that stores bile salts until they are needed to help digest fatty foods. Gallstones can migrate to other parts of the digestive tract also and can cause there severe pain which may lead to fatal results.

When stones are in the gallbladder, the condition is called cholelithiasis; when stones are in the bile ducts, the condition is called choledocholithiasis. Cholecystitis is inflammation of the gallbladder wall.

Causes of Gall Bladder Disorder:

Gall bladder Disorders and problems are fairly common and can affect both men and women equally. Usually, the main cause of gall-bladder disorders is eating a lot - which may include excessive intake of refined carbohydrates, especially sugar. Over nutrition also leads to increased cholesterol secretion.

Some other Causes of Gall Bladder Disorder include:

  • If the liver produces toxic biles, then it may cause disorder in gall bladder.
  • Sluggish flow of bile.
  • Obesity is another main cause of gall bladder disorders.
  • Excess amounts of cholesterol deposits in the bile resulting in formation of gal bladder stones.
  • Infection of the gall bladder.
  • The hormonal changes at the time of pregnancy may also cause gall bladder disorders.
  • Rapid Weight Loss.
  • The oral contraceptive pill and some other types of hormone replacement therapy, may also lead to some gall bladder disorders.
  • Some types of blood disorders may also causes gall bladder disorders.
  • Intestinal disorders.
  • Heavy drinking or smoking.
  • Poor dietary choices or eating too much with excess consumption of fatty foods, dairy products and fried foods.
  • Constipation.

Symptoms of Gall Bladder Disorder

The symptoms can vary from indigestion and nausea to vomiting and pain in the right upper abdomen. This pain also radiates to the lower back, resulting in gall bladder back pain.

Other Symptoms may include: Excessively bad breath, Itchy Skin Rashes, Diarrhea, A white-coated tongue, Fever due to inflammation in the gall bladder, severe heartburn and gas, Anemia, Jaundice, pain in the gall bladder, Chills and sweating, agonizing pain in the upper right abdomen - especially after a heavy meal. The pain can last from minutes to hours. Clay-colored bowel movements as well as pain in the right upper abdomen, which often radiates to the right shoulder and back, are the symptoms of gall bladder disorder.

Some of the Common Herbal Remedies for the Gall Bladder Disorders:

Tips 1:
Beet, Carrot and Cucumber: Fresh juices of beets, the juices of carrot and cucumber in quantities of 100 ml each, are one of the finest cleansers of the gall-bladder.

Tips 2: Anise seeds act to remove the stones from the gall bladder.

Tips 3: Pear is another excellent remedy for the treatment of gall-bladder disorders. The fruit or its juice should he taken by the patient. It exercises a special healing effect on all gall-bladder disorders, including gallstones.

Tips 4 Alfalfa is a well-known herb for the treatment of diseases of gall bladder. It is high in nutrients.

Tips 5: The flowers, seeds, and roots of chicory (or the endive plant) is very useful in gall-bladder disorders. It is very good for both liver and gall-bladder dysfunctions.

Tips 6: A warm-water enema at body temperature will help eliminate faecal accumulations if the patient is constipated. Physical exercise is also essential.

Tips 7: Barberry helps remove toxins from the gall bladder.




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