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yoga meditation guru Delhi,Ncr,Noida,Ghaziabad

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The Yoga Guru India Delhi,Ncr,Noida,Ghaziabad

yoga meditation guru




Introduction of yoga

Yoga is the ancient wisdom with scientific validation for overall development. It affects not only the conscious self but subconscious self as well. By meaning Yoga is to unite. It represents the union between Jeevatma (soul) and Parmatma (super soul), Shiva and Shakti, Prakrit and Purush, Sun and Moon, Ha and Tha, Eda and Pingala, exhalation and inhalation, blood and semen thus balancing everything existed in this universe.

The mentioned union is possible through the control of whirls of mind (Chitta Vritti Nirodh). Control of whirls of mind makes a person balance (samatva) in every situation whether pleasure and sorrow, success and failure. That brings perfection in action as mentioned by lord Krishna in Bhagvat Gita. Practice of yoga is exercise for moral and mental cultivation that generates good health (arogya), contributes to longevity (chirayu) and total intrinsic discipline culminates into positive and perennial happiness and peace.

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