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First Aid

Insect bites
If your little one has the habit of playing outdoors all the day, it means that s/he is more likely to get bitten bugs. Though itís unusual to catch anything from bites, but they surely cause itchy lumps and make the child extremely restless.

A cold flannel on the bite often works wonder. Using an ice pack or frozen peas is also effective. However, do not put the ice directly on the infected area, as many people do.

Stop your child being a target for insects. Make sure they cover up, especially at dawn and dusk, when the little critters are the most active.

You may take help from various insect repellents to protect the kids from potential bites. An age old method is to have a garlic tablets. It ensures that your skin stays off the insect menu.


The daily traffic and unhygienic conditions around us often plays havoc for asthma sufferers as most of the asthma attacks are caused by smoke and animals.

On a hot day, donít let your child play out as this could trigger an exercise induced asthma attack. And for asthma prone children, stick to activities with short burst of energy like yoga, swimming or walking.
Also, tell your kids to leave their footwear outside the door as this will avoid bringing dirt and other allergy causing particles into house. Washing your childís hair before bed time can stop allergies picked up during the day from transferring to their pillow.


Sun Burn
Donít let your child stepped out without putting on at least factor 15 with both UVA and UVB protection. Apply the sun screen lotion half an hour before so it had time to sink in. Babies under 12 months should be kept in the shade.

To treat mind sun burn, make sure your kids stays in shade until it has healed. Then cool off with a shower and re-hydrate the kidís body. Also, make sure your kids use appropriate lotion in the future to prevent sunburn.


Prickly heat
Sweating too much in the sun cause sweat glands to block leading itchy irritation. Babiesí and young people sweat glands are underdeveloped so they can be more prone to prickly heat.
Cotton is one of the most comfortable materials to wear and calamine lotion soothes irritation.


For a family day out give everyone a bottle of water. When temperature soars, babies, infants, and young children are most at risk, if they become dehydrated.

Water should always come first in priority. Re-hydrating sachets are available at chemist to help. Sport energy drinks can provide a quick fix.





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