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Memory Power Development

Sharp your Mind with Yoga

When you fail to remember something, which you have read, heard or seen and cannot remember despie several efforts then it is called loss of memory power or forgetfullness. people of all age groups are suffering due to this problem. There are a number of reasons for this problem. For example mental tention, excessive mental work or not using it at all, busy schedule throught the day, physical and mental weakness or serious head injury.

Take balanced diet and chew it nicely, it improves memory. Remember all the things done throught the day in the chronological order. This exercise improves the memory power.

Yoic exercises are very helpful in improving memory power and reduce forgetfullness. Pracice the yogic exercises with the feeling that the memory power is improving and forgetfullness is reducing.


Your brain vibrates wih an electric energy. Just as your heart - beats. So many times per minute, your brain beats with electrical energy so many times a second. When you are deep asleep, it vibrates slowly. When you are in light level of sleep, where dream takes place, your brain vibrates more rapidly. When you are wide awake it vibrates more rapidly still. When you are wide awake looking at things and thinking logically, your brain vibrates about 20 times per second. scientists call this the bata brain wave frequency. When you are very relaxed, in a light level of sleep, your brain vibrates more slowly, between 7 - 14 vibrations or cycles per second. scientist calls this the alpha brain wave level. Still slower brain frequencies exist and known as theta and delta, the slowest of deep sleep.

An infant's brain functions mosly in delta and theta, the slowest frequencies of the braain. As you become older, you began to use more and more of your brain. Between the ages of 7 -14, your brain starts of functions more alpha, from alpha you begin to develop the use of that part of the brain associated with beta frequencies. As people enter their teenage years, very few lean to use both the left and right side of brain to think with, while most of learn to use only the left side of the brain to think with one the average, ninety person use only the left brain hemisphare for thinking.

The left brain hemisphare is associated with logical thought, and alse with experience in the physical world. The left brain hemisphare stores your exercise of what you see, hear, smell, taste and feel. The right brain hemisphare stores experiences of your imagination, what you visualize and what you imagine.

If you want to learn to use the right brain hemisphare for thinking, you must first learn to slow your brain to alpha level, as though you were once between the age of 7 -14 and then you must practice using the right brain hemis[phare once your learn to consciously slow your brain to the alpha level, you can then being to learn use the right side of your brain. This is what this programme is designed for. First to help you learn to reach the alpha level consciously, then to learn to use the right side of the brain to help you achieve your goal.

This method will help you in all areas of your life to improve your health, to improve memory and the ability to learn more rapidly to do better in business and increase your learning ability to improve relationships and find love and happiness and much more.

How to improve ability to use both side of the brain?

Using only one side of brain to think would be something like trying to dance on one leg. You can do better on two legs. It is the same with learning to use both side of the brain. This is why we see a few very outstaning people in every field of endeavour. They are among the 10% of humanity who grew up using both sides of the brain. When you learn to use both sides of your brain effectively, you too will have much more ability then before.

The left brain hemisphere is logical. This is very useful and important at certain times. But other times it gets in the way. It is the left brain hemisphare that knew many years ago that no one could build a machine that could fly. No one had ever done it, so it was logical to believe that nobody ever would.

The right brain hemisphare is not limited by logic. It works on mental picuures. If you give it a mental picture of what you desire, and if you have faith that you can accomplish it, and if you can keep your left brain hemisphare from interjecting any logical doubts, then you can achieve what you desire. when you listen to very successful people take about their experiences, you began to realize just how strong thieir mental pictures are.

Almost certainly, outstanding successful people belong to the 10% who develop the ability naturally to use both sides of the brain to think with and pictrea their goals. Now we can learn to do this with the technique. We can learn the power of concentration, the value of setting specific goals, and the power of persistence in working towards those goals. This has little value if you use only the left side of your brain. There is a time for using the left brain hemisphare and there is also a time when we must use the right brain hemisphare for picturing your goals and concentrating all your efforts on reaching them. If you picture and concentrate with the left brain hemisphare, you will get very little result; when you picture and concentrate with the right brain hemisphare, you will get outstanding result.

The first step is to learn to reach the alpha level and we must also learn to say there while we use visualization and imagination. When you have practical the relaxation exercise exercise several times as we will do, then you can be confident that you can achieve an alpha state anytime you desire. Latr you will learn how you can achieve all of the benefits of alpha functioning without going through relation. But for now, we will use a specific routine for a specific purpose until you gain enough experiences functioning at the alpha so that you will be able to do better in other areas.

If you are distracted while pracicing your mental exercise, bring your attention back to your origional subject. Avoid making any efforts in the mental dimension. You should not force yourself to relax. Keep in mind that trying creates tension and in the world of mind that makes matter worse. In the world of the mind you need to attract what you want. Learn to relax and keep on concentrating on what you want.

Avoid such phrase as "that makes me sick", "I can't see that", "It burns me up", "he gives me a headache", "A pain in neck" and so on. Those create pctures of what we don't want. If you happen to use such phrases, then cancel it out and replace the negative with positive- a positive statement and a positive mental picture of your goal. Use positive statements about being healthy, being in control, being blessed etc. Always remember to use the phrase "better and better" at every opportunity. Use it as a trigger to remind you to count your blessings to keep programming and thinking about those things you desire. This can make big difference in your life.

Desire is moive force that pushes us towards our goals. To increase the strength of your desire, repeat mentally or verbally what you desire and write down all of these reasons you have for wanting your project to succeed. Then enter your level and think of more reasons. Believe in your self, your right to have what you seek. Believe it is possible, avoid setting goals you can not believe you can not achiever. Anything your mind can conceive and believe and your heart desire, you can achieve.

Do's and Don't's for better Memory

• Stop taking tea, coffee, sugar, Maida, liquor, Cold drinks etc as well as roasted and fried food; chilli and spices should be given up.

• Take balanced diet, which includes fresh fruits, vegetables and sprouts etc sufficiently.

• Cow’s milk, sesame milk, grapes and apples are very beneficial.

• In the morning 5 basil leaves should taken with water.

• Almond oil drops put into nose.

• Shatkarma(Yogic cleansing process): Jal Neti, Sutra Neti, Kapalbhati, Tratak

• Hydro Therapy: Hip Bath, Sitz Bath, Spinal Bath and Dharapat should be practiced.

• Yogic Asanas: Vajrasana, Paschimotanasana, Sirshasans, Sarvangasana, Halasana, Sarpasana be done.

• Pranayama: Anulomvilom, Bhramari, Bhastrika and Kapalbhati Pranayama should be practiced regularly.

• Mudras (hand posture): Gyan Mudra is very effective.

Better Memory through Yogic lifestyle
Memory is crucial in our daily life. It is important to you in each and every step of life. You need to help yourself for better memory. More you become calm more your mind become sound. As your health of body so your health of mind and spirit. If there is more accumulation of toxin in your body, your vital energy will be used unnecessarily to manage that cause lose of memory. Certain bad habits like swinning our legs and cracking our fingers also leads to wastage or vital energy.
Better concentration helps you lean things faster. Relaxing through deep breathing, yoga and other relaxation technique will improve your attention span and ability to recall. Tratak kriya for 5 minutes daily improves concentration. Tratak is a yogic kriya in which you gaze at an object without blinking for certain time and close your eyes and visualize the object in your mental screen. Memory also depends on better understanding – the more you try to understand things, the longer you will remember them.

Gyan mudra is best mudra to increase memory power and to control mental disorder. You can perform gyan mudra by simply joining the tips of index finger and thumb. You can perform this mudra while walking, sitting, watching TV, watching movie or doing any other work. Practiving while doing pranayaam is best idea. Try to practice this mudra as often as you can.

Being confident is the key to improve memory. Always focus on developing positive attitude. Poor nutrition can affect memory too so you need to take well balanced diet to keep your brain cell sharp. Organizes your life. Learn to get rid to stress and find the joy of relaxation in daily life itself. Exercises increase blood flow to the brain, which energizes the mind and helps to reduce stress. Stimulate your brain by reading, writing poems, stories, articles, drawing, imagining, experiment, dreaming (seeing yourself as successful person as you desire to be), playing chess or doing crossword puzzles etc.

Practice of yogic kriyas, asana and pranayama brings miracles for you.
Yogasana including padmasa, vajrasana, sarvangasana, halasana, sarpasana, shashakasara, are the best one for memory power.

Pranayama is best thing for brain to practice. 2% mass of ourbrain is 20% in mass of whole body which consumes 20-30% of oxygen intake. It is to supply more and more oxygen to keep brain healthy sharp and sound. The package of Bhatrika, Kapalbhati, Bharamari and OM chanting is best to meet the purpose of increasing memory.

Process of go to level
Controlled relaxation strengthens your immune mechanism by relaxing for 15 minutes each day at alpha you will strengthen your immune mechanism so that you will much more resistant to illness. Standard way to relaxing and entering the alpha dimension is to associate numbers with the desired states. Number 6 is the outer conscious level, number 5 is eyeid fatigue, number 4 is eyes closed and ready to relax, number 3 is physical relaxation, number 2 is mental relaxation and number 1 is the basic plane level that you can learn to use for a purpose, any purpose you desire. We can practice count down exercise by counting backwards from 100 to 1, 50 to 1, 25 to 1, or 10 to 1 to go deeper and deeper healthier level of mind. When you reach deeper level of mind, you are more aware and you have a heightened sense of awareness.

“You are now learning to use more of your mind to use it in a special manner” means that you are going deeper (to deeper level of mind while you brain stays at alpha dimension to receive the information detected by mind) and you are using your mind to obtain information and create solutions. Here you also learn to use the dynamic meditation to help you achieve whatever you desire. You simply learn to relax first and later you lean to activate your mind. It is desirable to do this from time to time. In addition you can programme and use mental techniques at level 1 to correct problems and reach your goals.

There are a numbers of affirmations which are beneficial and can be repeated from time to time while you are level 1:

• I am now learning to use more of my mind and to use it in a special manner.

• The difference between genius mentality and lay mentality is that geniuses use more of their minds and use them in a special manner.

• My increasing mental faculties are for serving humanity better.

• Every day in every way I am getting better, better and better than before.

• Positive thoughts bring me benefit and advantages I desire.

• I have full control and complete dominion over my sensing faculties at this level of mind and any other level, including outer conscious level. And this is so.

• I will always maintain a perfect healthy body and mind.

After using mind in special manner at alpha level you better follow the following rule to come out to any level of mind. Mentally count to yourself from 1 to 5 and tell yourself that at the count of 5 you will open your eyes, be wide awake, feeling fine and in perfect health, feeling better than before. Then proceed to count mentally 1 to 2 that to 3, at the count 3 remaining yourself that at the count of five you will open your eyes and be wide awake, feeling fine and in perfect health, feeling better than before. Then proceed to count slowly to 4 then 5 and at the count of 5 open your eyes and say mentally “Feeling fine and in perfect health, feeling better than before”




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