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What People Say



I am very grateful for the yoga session of Mr. Mohan. I have been having his sessions for the last five years.

I was having 94 Kg weight when I started yoga sessions with Mr. Mohan from The Yogaguru, Now I am 77kg.

My legs were too stiff like stone, no medicines were working and the problem was aggravating, luckily Mr. Mohan helped me out to get rid of that problem.

My Blood pressure and sugar level were fluctuating but now it is stabilized with reduced medication.

Most importantly he help me to prevent a complicated surgery of the top of my spine related with brain nerves for that I had already admitted in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and date postponed due to some allergic effects of anesthesia.

He helped me out to cure lower back pain, sciatica and sleep disc.

At last but not the least I have got added benefits with increased energy level. I thank him a lot and wish him for the best of possible.

NM Kejriwal
Kejriwal Group of Company

Letter of Thanks

I am heartened that my chronic Parkinson disease has been magically cured at the age of 82 through Naturopathy and Yoga. It appears a wonder as if I got new life. Some of the tests show wonderful response like Lipid test (blood test), BP and Sugar, which was fluctuating earlier. More than that, I feel rejuvenated with complete servicing of my body, particularly my nervous system and enlivening of muscles.

Now, I am able to walk without help, which I could never foresee in my life.

Dr Mohan Kumar used simple & natural remedies with Asana, Pranayama and Meditation. He has authentic knowledge and way of treating patients is highly appreciating.

In Allopathy there are many medicine for one disease causing lots of side effects, which are scientifically proved; where as there are specific practice in yoga and naturopathy to cure every diseases with added side benefits. I wish concern party will take this issue seriously and promote the ancient system of healing for larger public interest.

Dr Mohan Kumar seems to have done wonder by treating me sincerely, competently and non-commercially.

(PC Sharma)
GK Enclave-I, New Delhi, India
Ex President- Bharat Vikas Parishad
New Delhi, India

This is to recommend Dr. Mohan Kumar Karki for Nehru Fellowship. He is aptly suitable for the Nehru Award as he is a multiple therapist with specialization of world’s most developed therapies. More over his Phd synopsis is one of thirteen topics proposed by the Indian Thinkers group of Dr Tilak Talwar as convener (document enclosed for ready reference). He claims to cure all diseases, particularly chronic through Yoga, Pranayama and Naturopathy. He has done so in a number of cases of paralysis and cervical spondylisis, Insomnia and Asthma and Heart diseases.

I am impressed by his competence, devotion and multiple qualifications. I wish Dr Mohan best of luck in his noble pursuit of public interest research of national importance extended to action.

Dr. Tilak Talwar
Convener, Thinkers Group, (1998), India
Nominated for Nobel Peace Price -2007

When I started yoga my back was in terrible condition. My ( L4 and L5) vertibrae were fused & I wouldn't move too much plus I had my stomach problems (Reflux heinic) for the last 3 to 4 years and to pit all, I had put on weight due to bed rest.

Practicing yoga has helped me tremendously My back is nearly ok. Stomach problems cured and I also shed between 3 - 4 kgs and inches. it is the most natural way anyone would be cured.

Neha (my yoga instructor) has helped me step- by- step to achieve my goals and we have become friend over the last four months.

I think people should try yoga atleast once and stick to it for atleast minimum 2 months and I can guarantee it will be beneficial.

I am a Basket Ball player and couldn't play after my back injury but I am sure that will also be possible soon.
Thanks a lot for everything.

Anisha chaudhary
Basket ball player


I have been to almost all the senior yoga therapist in India mainly in Delhi. I have been practicing yoga for long time but I have never seen any teacher this much caring way of teaching like Mr Mohan. I hope The Yogaguru will do better and the best with the experienced leadership of Mohan ji.

He is really the best teacher. He has a capacity to bring miracles happen to any patient.

YP Verma
Beltek Group of Companies


Hi I am Ansul Agrawal. I had sinus, headache and some fever related problem from my childhood. I tried all types of medicine like allopathic, Ayurvedic, homeopathic etc. The problem used to come partly under control and again used to appear with added symptoms. Finally I couldn’t go to school and was having very difficult time. Luckily Mohan Guru Ji came to our contact from somewhere. He gave me just 15 sessions withing that time wigh some pranayama, asanas, and Kunjal he cured my chronic problem. Now I am going to school without any problems. I thank him very much.  

Ansul Agrawal
Kohat Inclave, Pitampura, Delhi

I had migraine pain, but I didn’t take medicine but practice yoga and continue walking in the morning. It really worked wonderfully and reducing the frequency of pain attacks from 1-2 in a week, it came down to 1 in a month that too a tolerable level. Thanks to Yogaguru.

I like every part of yoga session especially meditation part.

I have pain relief, stress relief; increase strength, stamina and flexibility. BP becomes normal.

Sangita Tingal
House Wife
Sec-50, Noida, India

I am very happy with the yoga program and plan to continue.

Good knowledge of coach, understand specific needs of clients with overall good culture is the introduction of Yogaguru.

It is helpful for body as well as mind. I feel my hormonal balance and immunity has become better.

Priti Arora
Business women
Sec-39 Noida, India

I like health yoga session most. I achieved weight loss, pain relief, stress relief, strength, stamina and flexibility. Now a day my colleagues are more comfortable with me.

Vivek Singh
Marketing manager
Sec-52, Noida, India 

I have met almost all of my expectation. Patience of teacher, friendly behavior, experienced and good teaching are the better part of the Yogaguru. I achieved stamina and flexibility with pain relief.

R Chitra
Sec-34, Noida, India

I like stretching most. I achieved pain relief, stress relief and stamina.

Arti Gaur
Sec-34, Noida, India 

I like doing abdomen exercises and all other exercise. I got pain relief; increase strength, stamina and flexibility with 6kgs of weight loss form the power Yoga program with The Yogaguru.

Pooja Nagev
Nirman Vihar, Delhi, Inida

I like stretching for all part of body in yoga. I have increased flexibility with stress relief.

Kapil Kumar
Bank executive
Sec-34, Noida, India

I have got increased strength, stamina, flexibility with stress relief.

Yogesh Gaur
Sec-34, Noida, India

I have been getting treatment from Neha for almost two months and I have seen miraculous changes physically and mentally. She has helped with full dedication and patience and treated all my problems more effectly more than I expected. Having an athletic background and working out on my own with diet control I was not loosing weight.

I was suffering from acute constipation, heavy legs, low stamina, hair fall and stress along with fatigue. Now only after 1 and half months my motions are regularised, legs are reduced 2-3 inches overall stamina is high so thta I can do entire session without break. Energy level is high throught the day. I could only do 5-10 rounds of suryanamaskars in 20-30mins and now I can do 60 in 15 mins. Thanks to Neha.

I wish her all the best in future. She is doing a very kind job and is extremly patient and helpful in her work. She has helped me shape my body first in time as she promised.

I have already recomended her to some of my friends.

Neha Behl
Basket Ball Player &
Jazz Dancer

"hey how are you, gr8 2 see u here ,thanks 4 all those power yoga sessions i am really much better now, my hand is alright and my thyroid is controlled as well Thank you"

Campy Oberoi






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