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Pregnancy Yoga Workshop

Motherhood is a beautiful gift which is gifted by God to women. This is the period when you (as a woman) convert yourself into a mother. In the first pregnancy, you will be full of queries and excitement. During pregnancy you will go through different changes. You will become more sensitive and curious about your baby.

GARBH YOG is a wonderful process to make your pregnancy period more healthy and harmonious. It works miraculously. Our program helps pregnant women to understand and enjoy this beautiful experience. The program is a very scientific. It works on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. As a garbh yoga practitioner you need not take any other medicinal help for the common complaints. In the case of complications, only life-saving medicines are recommended, the rest of the things will be cured by GARBH YOG itself. We organize PRE-CONCEPTION DETOX WORKSHOP as well. In our pre-conception detox workshop we try to make your conception complication free.

. Is my pregnancy complication free?
. Is my baby healthy and normal?
. How will he/she behave with others in the society?
. Will he/she be successful in his future?
. How will I get back into shape after delivery?
. How will I get beautiful skin and hair after delivery?

. Right time for the conception
. The colour of your dress
. Right Meditation according to your personality
. Programming the personality of your baby
. Methods to keep your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
  dimensions stronger during and after pregnancy

. Make your pregnancy smooth and complications free
. Preparing your system for normal delivery
. Optimize the health of the baby
. Prompt recovery after delivery

. GARBH YOG program starts before the conception and ends after
  one year of the pregnancy (Post pregnancy is also included). It
  has three parts conception, pregnancy and post pregnancy.

Pregnancy yoga training is divided into four parts:
- First trimester program
- Second trimester program
- Third trimester program
- Hypno-Birthing program

Special Features:
. Program is designed according to the case history of women.
. Ayurveda, Naturopathy & Reki are also included to make it more
. We will give diet consultation for mom and infant as well.
. We conduct workshops on Garbh yoga, Holistic health & Parenting
. Consultations on various problems like, pre, during and post
  pregnancy depressions, complications etc.

Dr Manisha Bansal, MBBS
098119 33566
Yogaguru Neha- NDDY, MA (Yoga)
09911 31 6685, 098913 48963


Feedback on Pregnancy Yoga

I am Minakshi Gupta. I am a Yogaguru’s student of the Pitampura branch. I had joined over there in 2010. I still remember that day when I meet Neha mam. I was literally crying like a baby because of infertility problem. She tried to console me. Her counselling gave me a special emotional support that gave a short of confidence and courage.

After marriage I and my husband didn’t want baby for few years. I took contraceptives recommended by gynaecologist. I did 2 abortions also. We planned a baby after 3 years of our marriage. Because of our blunders I couldn’t conceive. I did a lot of treatments from various hospitals but “ NO RESULT”. That horrible period stretched for 2 years. I suffered physically, mentally as well as emotionally during that period. I was badly tortured by my in-laws, society as well as my husband. I and my husband both were equally responsible for that but my husband didn’t support me. He filed “DIVORS” case against me. Time-to-time he used to say that, “you’ll not conceive ever”.

One day my friend told me to join Power yoga in DDA sports complex (Pitampura). That was the beginning of my transformation where I meet Neha madam. You took me very seriously. You gave me a special treatment of the infertility. Within a year, I got pregnant and blessed with a baby girl. That was miracle for me and my entire family. Neha mam! You saved me as well as my marriage.

It was grace of God that I meet you (Neha mam). You are doing a social work by helping many couples who have left lope of becoming a parent. Truly it is godly service you are doing to humanity. Live long and keep serving the needy as always. MAY GOD BLESS YOU!

Thank you
Minakshi Aggrawal (Name Changed)
Pitampura, Delhi


I am Sonia, a mother of 13 years old boy. I am an ex-student of The Yogaguru @ Club 15A (NOIDA BRANCH). I had joined yoga class for weight loss. After one month of joining, I lost interest in power yoga. I used to feel lethargies throughout the day. I used to wake up in the morning with sickness. I used to get scared by even thinking about the power yoga. One day, I discussed with Yogaguru Neha. She asked about my periods. I didn’t get periods that month. She has suggested me to do urine test. I laughed because before 13 years, doctor told me that “this is your first and last baby” as I was suffering a lot from fibroids problem. Next month again, I didn’t get periods. I got scared and did urine test. I was shocked to know that I was pregnant. I consulted my Gynaecologist immediately. She clarified that I had approx 1 month old pregnancy. I did abortion. After a week, I joined yoga class again. Within 2 months I lost 5 kg.

Right now, I am in America. I am still practicing yoga. I am really very much thankful to Neha. She has cured my PCOD and infertility problem. Neha! You are very intelligent, motivated and master of your subject. My good wishes are always with you.

Thank you
Sonia Kapoor

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