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It will not only keep you happy but your family members
too will be able to feel the positive
energy & happiness around.

Daily yoga practice at home can help you stay healthy, more productive, calm and happy all day. Besides, these benefits are not just for you to enjoy. Doing these practices at home will not only keep you happy but your family members too will be able to feel the positive energy and happiness around. What's more, you get a chance to practice them right in the comfort of your home, any time you wish.
Once you have learned yoga techniques properly from our yoga institution, you can start practicing them on your own.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind for a fun yoga practice at home.

1: Choose a convenient time
morning is generally considered to be the best as it keeps energy levels high during the day. You may choose a time slot which seems most convenient. It could be late mornings, before lunch, or evenings.

2: Choose a comfortable place
All you need to ensure is that your yoga space is clean, well-ventilated, and away from furniture or sharp objects .

3: Practice on a relatively empty stomach
Yoga postures are always best practiced on a light or empty stomach. You can practice yoga poses and meditate about 2-3 hours after your meal.

4: Keep your yoga wear simple

5: Warm up before doing intense yoga postures

6: It is your own body; be gentle on it
Respect your body and do yoga poses gently with a smile. Doing them increasingly fast or going beyond what your body can take will not bring faster results. It will only make the practice more difficult and painful.

7: Be consistent
It is very important to be regular with your yoga practice - make it a part of your daily schedule.

8: Make yoga time as family fun time
When you practice alone, it might get boring after a while or you may simply become lazy. Try doing it with family or friends and see the difference! Practicing yoga at home can be a great way for a family get-together.

9: Include a variety of yoga techniques


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