Yogaguru Dr. Mohan Kumar Mohan is a multiple therapist with the base of yoga and naturopathy to treat all diseases with no medicine, no injection and no surgery. Therefore, it is treatment with no side effect at all. It has added advantages of side benefits treating chronic problems/diseases.
Yogaguru Mohan is the founder of the Holistic Healthcare Foundation to serve the humanity. He worked as Director and Head of Training Dept. of Vedic Upchar Sansthan (Regd.) for three years.

Yogaguru Mohan has a package program of lecture cum demonstration to teach and learn the whole process of attaining holistic health; thus, making the patient one’s own doctor.

Yogaguru Mohan has organized over hundred yoga and naturopathy awareness, training and treatment camp, specialized memory power development training and stress-management training in national and international level. He trained over hundred trainers on Yoga and Naturopathy, treated over thousands patients and spread awareness program to over hundreds of thousands of people. He is in selfless service to spread the light of yoga with the mission and vision.

Yogaguru Mohan has done various special case studies with success viz. Parkinson disease with other chronic problems viz. HBP and Arthritis, cured-2006, Paralysis (15 years old case at the age of 74) – 2005, Diabetic (Surgical operation avoided) – 2004, chronic asthma (12 years child suffering for 6-7 years of age) – 2003, Depression and insomnia cured (5 years old case) – 2003 spec removed – 2000.

Yogaguru Mohan is currently engaged in PhD level research on “Case study on Yogic science for chronic management with side benefits” after doing MA Yoga Science, ND, DNY, NDDY, Diploma in Yogic Science, Scientology, Silva Method of Mind power program and other various intensive training program on yoga and naturopathy.