Yogaguru Shailendra Pal Singh Shailendra is born to be yogi with a mission and vision. He has meditative way of life from the very beginning. He practiced yoga as a part of life. He has deep knowledge about human psychology and specialization on power yoga and fitness yoga. Being a player of football, cricket, badminton and hockey he has been familiar with different sports. He is quite popular among students’ viz. fitness seekers.

Yogaguru Shailendra has done Diploma in Naturopathy and Yoga with distinction and merit from All India Nature Cure Federation.

Yogaguru Shailendra has done M.A. in Yoga & Meditation with distinction.

Yogaguru Shailendra Has done Master Diploma in Acupressure.

Yogaguru Shailendra is Reebok Core Pilates Trainer.

Yogaguru Shailendra is graduated in commerce and legislative law with Diploma in Management. His vast knowledge makes him all rounder. His most respected perception and observation of things to react in every situation with friendly manner is really admirable which shows his meditative state of mind.

Yogaguru Shailendra is founder of Holistic Health Care Foundation. He is selfless and dedicated to serve the humanity. Apart from yoga teaching he is die-heartedly involved in the missions of Holistic Healthcare Foundation viz. help the helpless, uplift the village and Service to old aged to serve the humanity better.

8th March is the birthday of Yogaguru Shailendra.