Call Center Yoga

Are those endless night shifts at the call center taking a toll on your health? Rising cases of spondilitis, hypertension, insomnia, fatigue, nausea, chronic headache, coronary malfunctions, back pain, computer syndrome and dry eyes among youngsters working in India’s BPOs have prompted us to undertake its study of how yoga sessions in call centers can help employees cope with stress and long working hours.

We have designed yoga package to help people from BPO industry focusing on call centers in NCR i.e. Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon. It is just 30-minute sessions, every day or thrice a week.


It is scientifically proved that yoga makes call center’s employees healthy, productive and alert, taking less medical leaves. This is the time when all BPOs should start yoga sessions in their office in larger interest of the employees and the organization itself.

It is the bitter fact that youngsters working in call centers are thronging hospitals, complaining of health problems, resulting directly from their work schedules. Pills aren’t always a solution. Yoga, during work, will definitely help. It is believed that 20 minutes of meditation is equivalent to four hours of sleep. So those working all night will get relief from yoga and meditation. In this package special Asanas will be taught to youngsters working in these BPOs to suit their problems.

Many youngsters are unable to cope with odd working hours. Most of them bear physical, emotional and mental symptoms. Those perpetually doing night shifts sometimes can’t deal with daylight. They behave aggressively and become intolerant. Yoga can really help these youngsters. BPOs will now have to ensure all employees take part in this three-month session.

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